Hudson Technologies and Chemours have agreed to a licensing deal that allows Hudson to sell four types of reclaimed refrigerants under the brand name “Freon.” Per the agreement, Hudson will now be able to sell refrigerants including (Freon) R-22, (Freon) R-11, (Freon) R-12, and (Freon) R-123, and use the Freon brand name in its marketing materials related to these products. According to Brian F. Coleman, CEO and president of Hudson, using the name Freon will help with the refrigerant transition, as it’s a respected and recognized brand that will bring more visibility to the reclaimed products and sustainable refrigerant solutions. The American sales director for Chemours, Doug Westerhoff, said the company’s partnership to deliver reclaimed Freon refrigerants to the market will support both lifecycle refrigerant management and the long-term transition to next-generation products through the AIM Act.

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