TULSA, Okla. — Commercial HVAC equipment manufacturer AAON is transitioning to the lower-GWP refrigerant R-454B across its product line. This shift not only aligns with upcoming refrigerant regulations but also reinforces AAON’s leadership in sustainable HVAC solutions, the company said in a press release.

AAON began accepting orders for R-454B units in January, a full year ahead of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandate that will prohibit manufacturers from using refrigerants, in newly manufactured equipment, with a GWP of more than 700. As of this month, AAON is shipping equipment with R-454B.

R-454B has a GWP of 466, about 78% less than that of its predecessor, R-410A.

“AAON consistently leads the implementation of technologies that surpass industry standards for sustainability,” said Stephen Wakefield, executive vice president, AAON Oklahoma. “By adopting R-454B early on, we’re minimizing our environmental impact and paving the way for future innovations.”

Safety is a top priority in the design and manufacturing of AAON units featuring R-454B. R-454B has a low burning velocity, and by taking stringent safety measures, the risks associated with its mild flammability as an A2L refrigerant are greatly mitigated, Aaon’s press release said. Components for AAON’s R-454B equipment are tested to meet industry standards, and the units are equipped with leak-detection sensors, enabling refrigerant leak detection and prompt intervention, the press release said.

“AAON has and will always maintain a position of engineering and manufacturing leadership. Our aim is to remain years ahead of regulatory changes and competitor capabilities while delivering world-class performance and unmatched value,” said AAON CEO Gary Fields.

AAON will not increase prices for products that use R-454B, and the company is currently delivering products with R-454B. All newly manufactured AAON products will be configured to use R-454B by the beginning of June.