Company: Nu-Calgon

Product: Scorpion LX15 and Scorpion HX15

DescriptionThe Scorpion LX15 and Scorpion HX15 focus on surface disinfection on the HVAC evaporator coil and surrounding surfaces, using UV-C LED lights to kill mold, bacteria, and viruses in a matter of minutes. The Scorpion’s LED lights have 30,000 hours of run time, lasting five times longer compared to standard mercury UV bulbs when using the integrated air-flow sensor. In addition to the shatterproof LED design, the Scorpion offers dual install options using either the provided hardware or the integrated magnet for quick and easy installation. Scorpion systems are available in the LX15 for low voltage (18-32VAC) or the HX15 for high voltage (110-277VAC) installations. The Scorpion models can work in conjunction with Nu-Calgon’s iWave and NuShield air ionization systems to provide the ultimate IAQ solution.

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