Company: Bell & Gossett

Product: GPX P45, P55, P86 and P110

Description: The new gasketed plate and frame heat exchanger, GPX P45, P55, P86 and P110, features “X” plate technology that increases heat transfer thermal performance up to 20%, reduces surface area up to 20% and reduces materials up to 15%. Through "X" plate design and heat transfer characteristics, this new offering meets a critical need for the growing demand in modern HVAC applications. Standard options include a variety of high-efficiency plate corrugations, material options of 304SS, 316SS or titanium plates, and nitrile or EPDM gaskets. GPX models have higher surface area to volume ratios than conventional shell and tube heat exchangers. Application flexibility allows for maximum efficiency in less space, and the “true” countercurrent flow maximizes the mean temperature difference between fluids. Additionally, the plate design generates high turbulence resulting in high heat transfer coefficients. 

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