BERKELEY, Calif. — Harvest Thermal Inc has been named to Fast Company’s prestigious annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2023.  

This year’s list highlights businesses at the forefront of their respective industries, paving the way for the innovations of tomorrow. These companies are setting the standard with some of the greatest accomplishments of the modern world. In addition to the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, 540 organizations are recognized across 54 sectors and regions.  

“We’re honored to make Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies list for our groundbreaking HVAC system,” said Dr. Jane Melia, CEO, Harvest Thermal Inc. “After solar and EVs, home heating and hot water is the next frontier in clean energy deployment. Our smart Pod helps homeowners decarbonize their homes effortlessly and affordably. Plus, we kick off a virtuous cycle with load-shifting: The more homes we decarbonize, the cleaner and more resilient the grid becomes.”

Harvest Thermal makes homes more sustainable by replacing gas heating and hot water with a low-carbon system. By shifting the electric consumption of the heat pump to the middle of the day, when the grid is cheap, clean, and abundant with renewable energy, the system cuts carbon emissions by 90% compared to gas and 50% compared to standard heat pump configurations. Homeowners also save up to 48% on monthly heating bills, enabling cost-effective adoption at scale.

The brains of the system is the Harvest Pod. Using machine-learning-generated algorithms, sensors, and controls, the Pod optimizes for grid emissions, utility rates, energy usage, and customer comfort. It transforms an ordinary water tank into a thermal battery that delivers heating and hot water whenever needed. As more homes electrify their heating and hot water, Harvest Thermal’s IoT system functions as a “virtual power plant,” relieving stress on the grid during winter morning and evening peaks.

“What a strange and thrilling year it has been to honor this year’s Most Innovative Companies,” said Brendan Vaughan, editor-in-chief, Fast Company. “This year’s list compiles some of the most cutting-edge groundbreakers who are changing our world every single day, from legacy organizations, like McDonald’s, to upstarts, like MrBeast, and institutions, such as NASA. Everyone on this list does something completely, uniquely different, yet they all have one thing in common: innovation.”

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