WAUKESHA, Wis. — Generac Power Systems Inc., a global designer and manufacturer of energy technology solutions and other power products, announced that its entire line of Wi-Fi and cellular-enabled home standby generators will soon integrate with the latest ecobee smart thermostats, creating a single energy management hub for the home.

By integrating ecobee smart thermostats with Generac home standby generators, home energy management will be incorporated into a central, easy-to-use interface. Homeowners can quickly and easily see that their generator is ready to power on in a power outage. For homeowners fueling their generator with propane, they will also be able to digitally link their fuel tank, enabling them to monitor fuel levels 24/7 on the same interface.

“At Generac, we’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to make life a little easier,” said Kyle Raabe, executive vice president of Consumer Power at Generac. “By integrating our Generac home standby generators with ecobee smart thermostats, we’re giving customers visual peace of mind that their generators are ready to power on in an outage and helping them keep watch on all their energy management needs in one location.”

The integration will be available on ecobee’s Smart Thermostat Premium and Smart Thermostat Enhanced units, and on all Wi-Fi and cellular-enabled Generac home standby generators. When launched, customers will see the new integration option appear in their Mobile Link app and can choose to participate with the click of a button. The process will take only a few minutes in the app, with no additional installations required from a dealer. Customers can also choose their notification settings on their thermostat or opt out at any time via the Mobile Link app.

Through the new integration, customers, and dealers will experience a more efficient process to schedule maintenance or quickly remedy issues that may arise. Homeowners can view the status of their Generac home standby generator in real time by simply pressing the generator icon on their ecobee thermostat. If there is an alert on the generator, the thermostat will have a full screen display notifying the homeowner and displaying their preferred dealer’s contact information.

The software update for ecobee thermostats will be available spring 2023. For more information about ecobee smart thermostats, visit www.ecobee.com. To learn more about the Generac home standby generator and ecobee thermostat integration, please visit the website.