At its press conference at the AHR Expo, LG Electronics Component Solutions highlighted its new compressors for residential applications that will utilize the low-GWP refrigerants, R-32 and R-454B. Matt Allen, senior account manager at the company hosted the press conference and noted that LG has manufactured motors and compressors for over 60 years, starting in 1962. 

“Since its inception, we have made it a focus to keep innovative technologies in house,” he said. “With significant focus here in North America, we are a smart solutions provider. And we have total solutions that enable our customers to continue with their growth.”

Allen then introduced Jerry Edwards, who discussed the new solutions for LG’s residential and light commercial air conditioning and heat pump products. 

“In the residential lineup, we have two main compression types, rotaries and scrolls, and those are what LG produces,” said Edwards. “So the rotary, we think of that one as lower cost, but a little bit less forgiving of a machine, while the scroll is more efficient and quiet and is very reliable. For the last few years, we’ve been addressing the minimum efficiency requirements, so higher efficient machines that are meeting those Department of Energy (DOE) targets and now we’re displaying the next big thing, which is the transition away from R-410A to R-32 and R-454B.”

To that end, Edwards introduced the Gen 3 scroll compressor, which is compatible with low-GWP refrigerants R-32 and R-454B. These compressors provide better reliability and performance, while offering significant improvements to motor efficiency and friction reduction. According to the company, the compressors feature improved startup and bushing performance, which results in better reliability and durability than previous LG scroll compressors. 

Another new offering, the UniRotary™ compressor, offers new features that allow for smooth, reliable restarts and increased durability for rotary compressor usage in unitary applications. LG’s rotary technology offers increased durability and longevity with a patented restarting solenoid valve that equalizes pressure mechanically, for a smooth start without any harsh electrical start devices.

“Across the board, in this residential zone, if an OEM needs product, LG has a solution,” said Edwards.