Company: Danfoss 

Product: CO2 MiniPack Controller

Description: With the functionality of a dedicated CO₂ controller, minimal complexity and unique ease-of-use at competitive pricing, the MiniPack Controller is a flexible and accessible tool for even the most budget-conscious food retail operation. The CO₂ MiniPack Controller uses easy-to-use parameter settings and a wizard-based set-up system to provide full CO₂ booster refrigeration system control that utilizes up to five compressors. It regulates the capacity of compressors and gas coolers to produce energy savings; enables optimal fan control for maximized gas cooler performance; and communicates between smart compressors, VFDs, and supervisory store controllers via Modbus and CANBUS — all within compact hardware featuring a simple interface for seamless functionality. The CO₂ MiniPack Controller was designed to work with many manufacturer components for complete application control of CO₂ systems.

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