Company: RectorSeal

Product: SSP Series Safe-T-Switches

Description: Installed using a six-foot-long, plenum-rated, 18 gauge wire, the SS1P, SS2P, and SS3P units quickly connect to the thermostat wiring on the indoor HVAC unit. RectorSeal's Safe-T-Switch product series features patented, code-compliant condensate overflow switches with a built-in, easy-access, external, hand-ratcheting float that adjusts without uninstalling or cap removal. Designed for primary drain lines, the SS1P has a float assembly sensitivity that can be adjusted without removing the top cover. The plenum-rated SS2P float switch is installed as a primary drain pan auxiliary outlet. Designed for primary and auxiliary drain pans, the SS3P float switch detects clogged condensate drains and shuts off the HVAC system avoiding potential water damage.

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