MT. VERNON, N.Y. — Ice Air LLC, a developer and manufacturer of a wide variety of HVAC units, announced that Mo Siegel, president and co-CEO, is retiring after a 50-year tenure at the company. Siegel will participate as a consultant to the company. Ric Nadel, who served as chairman and co-CEO with Siegel, will be Ice Air’s new president and CEO.

“On behalf of everyone at Ice Air, I want to express our sincerest thanks to Mo for his leadership of Ice Air. Mo, with our entire executive team, stepped up to the challenge of COVID-19 and navigated one of the most difficult periods in modern history,” Nadel said after making the announcement of Siegel’s retirement. “During Mo’s tenure, Ice Air scaled our HVAC offerings to help position us to assume a leadership position in our markets going forward.”

“I’m really proud of the strong, innovative and customer responsive company that we’ve built together, and I know that Ric and our entire team at Ice Air will continue to grow Ice Air going forward,” Siegel said.

Ice Air LLC, which is headquartered in Mount Vernon, New York, develops and manufactures a wide variety of HVAC units to provide superior new construction heating and cooling systems and to replace old installations. The company also offers green technologies.

“One of those technologies that has become part of our core competencies is electrification products,” Nadel pointed out. “Everyone wants to reduce carbon emissions and begin utilizing electricity in place of burning fossil fuels, but Ice Air anticipated that quite awhile ago. Today, for example, our Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps (PTHPs) are playing a key role in helping our customers achieve tremendous energy savings and efficiencies.”

“Ice Air today is in a stronger position that ever before,” said Siegel. “I’m happy and confident to entrust Ice Air’s future to Ric’s capable hands!”

Siegel and Nadel worked together for more than a decade, shaping the company for the future. Building on the heritage of the company, Nadel is focused on making the company even more resilient. In addition to being intensely focused on the customer experience, Nadel is busy reshaping his company’s workplace culture to ensure it is an ally to disruption.