TULSA, Okla. — AAON Inc., a producer of HVAC products for commercial and industrial buildings, released its 2021 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report. In this report, the company highlights its commitment to uphold and continually improve overall sustainability practices, further the company’s research and development to lead the industry in innovative solutions, and achieve its long-term environmental targets.

“I am proud to lead a company that has such a significant impact on the world. For decades, AAON has manufactured the most sustainable equipment in the commercial HVAC industry, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings more than any of our competitors’ equipment,” said Gary Fields, president and CEO. “We continue to challenge ourselves to find ways to reduce the energy intensity of our own manufacturing facilities, as well as deeply invest in research to develop new product solutions to meet the evolving environmental standards of our markets. We take pride in leading our industry through innovation and challenging our industry’s limits related to energy efficiency. Finally, we continually work on diversity, equity and inclusion best practices throughout the company, from our Board of Governance to our growing workforce.” 

2021 ESG Report Highlights include:

  • AAON provided the industry with a new innovative product through engineering, manufacturing, and testing their Zero Degree Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump.
  • Acquired BASX Solutions in Redmond, Oregon, a manufacturer of high efficiency data center cooling solutions, cleanroom systems, custom HVAC systems, and modular solutions.
  • Reported a 65% reduction in water withdrawal and recycled 17% more metals in 2021.
  • Reported on progress toward the environmental goal of 80% of products being non-fossil fuel consuming by 2030. In 2021, 64% of products were non-fossil fuel consuming.
  • Continued to work towards reducing GHG emissions by 10% by 2025.
  • Recorded a 10% improvement in energy usage intensity at AAON’s facilities.
  • AAON’s Board of Governance is 44% diverse, up from 28% in the prior year. AAON’s workforce is 69% diverse.

2021 Sustainability ESG Report PDF

For previous Sustainability reports, please visit:AAON.com/Sustainability