Company: RectorSeal

Product: Calci-flush

Description: Used as part of a water tank maintenance program, RectorSeal’s Calci-flush standard tank water heater flush helps extend the life and performance of a standard water heater. Calcium and scale build-up is a leading cause of premature tanked water heater failure. When used properly, Calci-flush helps eliminate calcium and scale buildup and restore circulation and water pressure in about 60 minutes. After the water to the tank is turned off and the tank is drained, simply connect the Calci-Flush container to the tank’s drain valve with the included hose adapter. Calci-Flush enters the water tank via gravity flow and starts to work immediately. In approximately 30-60 minutes, the water tank can be flushed, refilled, refreshed, and ready to deliver optimized performance. Calci-Flush is NSF certified.

Contact: (713) 263-8001;; eProduct 181

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