Company: Ruskin

Product: EME620DD Louver

Description: The EME620DD from Ruskin is a newly-designed, 6-inch deep, horizontally-bladed, stationary louver designed for generator rooms or other spaces that require safety equipment to continue running during a storm event. Mechanically-fastened for added strength with double-drainable blades, the EME620DD is AMCA-certified and designed to offer protection against water, air and wind penetration during severe weather conditions. The low-maintenance louver features 48% free area and corrosion-resistant, extruded aluminum construction. To suit each application, the EME620DD ranges in size from 8 inches x 8 inches to 120 inches x 90 inches and is available in a wide range of options and finishes.

Contact: (816) 761-7476;; eProduct 183

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