RACINE, Wis — Modine Manufacturing Company is partnering with Texas AirSystems, an independent representative for commercial HVAC manufacturers, to expand access to the Airedale product line. As part of the partnership, Airedale by Modine will be represented by Texas AirSystems in the Texas market while providing an array of HVAC solutions to potential clients.   

“At Modine, we strive to revolutionize the HVAC industry by proactively offering new innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers,” said Kimberly Raduenz, manager of strategic marketing for the IAQ division at Modine. “Equally as important as product development are the relationships built with the contractors we serve and Texas AirSystems has built a reputation on building and maintaining strong partnerships that provide tangible value. This new partnership with Texas AirSystems not only expands the reach and notoriety of our Airedale line, but it empowers contractors to confidently select the perfect match for their project from an array of solutions offered by Modine. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

Modine specializes in a variety of ventilation and heating solutions for diversified markets. With a focus on providing optimal HVAC services, the Airedale product line offers solutions ranging from the ClassMate DX Cooling and Heat Pump to the Sentinel Vertical Unit Ventilator. 

Representing over 80 manufacturers, Texas AirSystems offers systems with a flexibility of equipment and solutions to best match each application. Their team partners with industry professionals and end users to provide energy-efficient, value-added solutions to complex projects.

“At Texas AirSystems, we work hard every day to build better partnerships. That’s the ultimate benefit we offer our manufacturers and customers — that we are always looking for ways to win for our partners,” said Al Amerson, executive vice president at Texas AirSystems. “Our new partnership with Airedale is going to make Texas AirSystems a better partner for the clients we serve across Texas. Their innovative comfort systems are designed to improve existing conditions bringing immense value to our customer partners. From elementary schools to higher education, educators trust Airedale to provide optimal learning environments with responsible energy consumption. That ideal combination provides our customer partners in the K-12 vertical market with clean, temperature-controlled air for a safer and more productive place to learn.”