NASHVILLE  XOi Technologies, a provider of technician-focused technology solutions, and Synergy Solution Group, a commercial HVAC peer network, announced a shared initiative that delivers XOi’s premium Journeyman Platform suite of technician-enablement solutions to a nationwide roster of contractors.  

Synergy Solution Group is the first industry network group to adopt the Journeyman Platform solution, XOi’s next-generation smart technology platform for deep-data insight and remote support. 

“Synergy and XOi have a long-standing partnership founded on our shared passion for advancing the HVAC industry,” said Jim Bartolotta, managing partner of Synergy Solution Group. “Our members are leaders and visionaries in the HVAC field, and our mission is to connect them with solutions and ideas that will help them drive efficiency and value. We immediately recognized that the Journeyman Platform represents a great step forward in innovation that can empower our trusted members to start building the future of our industry.”  

The initial Synergy Solution Group partners supporting XOi’s continued innovation by implementing the Journeyman Platform solution include:

  • Mechanical Services & Design
  • Cooper Oates Air Conditioning
  • ISS Mechanical
  • Oklahoma Chiller
  • Oahu Air Conditioning Service Inc.
  • Atomatic Mechanical Services
  • Dowling HVACR Mechanical Services
  • W. L. Gary Company

“Our connection with Synergy is based on a mutual vision for empowering contractors through innovation and collaboration,” said Aaron Salow, founder and CEO of XOi. “The group’s members understand that solutions like the Journeyman Platform and forward-thinking partners like Synergy can elevate performance and results and help deliver a market edge during an extremely competitive time.”

Combined with XOi’s existing analytics and curb-to-curb enablement solutions, the Journeyman Platform further equips technicians in the field with knowledge management, media matching, and smart linking functions that help users successfully close more jobs in less time and reduce warranty claims due to installation issues. 

The full Journeyman Platform suite includes: 

  • Journeyman: No matter the skill level of the technician on site, XOi’s patented Journeyman solution uses a simple data plate photo to produce contextual data (equipment history, organizational knowledge and OEM information) that delivers instant, relevant, and trusted insights and resource recommendations.

  • Journeyman Insights: The powerful new Trade Insights Platform provides unique business intelligence based on XOi’s unprecedented field service data indexing capabilities. With intuitive visualizations derived from current and historical equipment, job and technician information, company leaders can identify revenue- and efficiency-driving trends to make intelligent and informed real-time business decisions.

  • Journeyman Virtual Mentor Center: Designed to help address the pressure of the ongoing skilled trades labor gap, XOi’s Virtual Mentor Center helps contractors and field service teams enhance customer experience and protect revenue by avoiding second truck rolls or incomplete service. As an in-house provider of live virtual support and training calls, XOi’s Virtual Mentor Center helps technicians by offering efficient and repeatable processes that build skills and expertise, rather than simply fixing the problem at hand.