PRYOR, Okla.  RAE Corporation has issued price increases for a few of their divisions. This increase is in response to continually rising market variables within the HVAC industry, specifically the rising prices of raw materials, parts, labor, and freight, as well as the drastic increase in commodities and fuel this quarter. The price increases went into effect March 16, 2022 and are as follows:

  1. OEM Products — RAE Corporation announced a 5% price increase on all OEM products.
  2. Century Refrigeration — Century Refrigeration’s base list price and all other options saw a 5% increase.
  3. Technical Systems (TSI) — Technical Systems announced a 5% price increase on all products.
  4. Refrigeration Systems (RSI— RSI announced a 5% increase on all equipment.
  5. RAE Coils — RAE Corporation announced an increased price range from 5-8% on RAE Coils products.