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High attendance is something that some attendees did not expect when it came to the AHR Expo, especially given the recent concern with COVID-19’s omicron variant, but many were pleasantly surprised to see the crowd thriving in Las Vegas. Although the Expo welcomes HVACR professionals from all over the world, the Sauermann Group, a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of HVACR products and services, believes it’s a premier show for the United States — which is why they’ve been exhibitors there for close to 20 years. Michelle Eaton, communications manager for Sauermann - Americas, said their AHR booth is only getting bigger, with more products being featured each year.

“Sauermann has been growing a lot, so this is a really good way to expose ourselves to other distributors and to meet contractors and get them familiar with our products,” explained Eaton.

Sauermann at AHR Expo.

LEARNING: Booth visitors take a look at the new products displayed by Sauermann and pause to learn more about them. (Staff photo)

She said the Expo is also good for education, as it provides HVAC professionals with the ability to stay on top of new innovations in the industry. Educational opportunities are also present through the offering of mini sessions, where attendees can learn about different topics, such as the refrigerant transition and predicted market trends.

According to Eaton, Sauermann’s booth theme this year was measurement detection and control of IAQ. Sauermann has been in the IAQ market for a few years now, but Eaton said the recent spike in IAQ awareness has been great because customers should know about the health benefits of closely monitoring the air quality inside their homes and other buildings.


Combustion Gas Analyzers

Sauermann might have started out in the HVACR industry by manufacturing heat pumps, but Eaton said some of their most recent products belong to a line of combustion gas analyzers. Launched in September 2021, the Si-CA 030, the Si-CA 130, and the Si-CA 230 combustion gas analyzer models come with a real-time app and PC software, and easy pump turn on and off. They also include a pump cutoff to prevent oversaturation of carbon monoxide (CO).

Sauermann Gas Analyzers.

ANALYZERS: Sauermann’s line of combustion gas analyzers comes in three models. From left to right are the Si-CA 030, the Si-CA 130, and the Si-CA 230. (Staff photo)

Although all three models can detect CO, O2, and NOx, the Si-CA 230 can detect an additional three gasses: sulfur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and hydrocarbons (CxHy).

Bill Freed, product marketing director for Sauermann - Americas, said the 030 model is entry level, mostly designed for residential applications; the 130 is middle, for residential and commercial applications; and the 230 is mainly for industrial applications.

“A key feature of the 130 and 230 is they have a touchscreen display that makes it very easy to navigate…The 230 also has an extra layer protection, which is the CO dilution, and it allows you to measure much higher levels of CO,” added Freed.

Eaton said that with the mobile application, users can control the combustion gas analyzer with their phones and writing manual calculations is no longer necessary — everything gets stored in the app, and the data can be sent to clients later on.

“The tools have such great mobile apps; they really do make our lives easier,” said Eaton.