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The AHR Expo hosts HVACR industry professionals from all over the world, most of whom take advantage of the chance to showcase their latest innovations and products. DiversiTech, a manufacturer and supplier of components and related products for multiple industries, was no exception. With a booth that occupied some impressive floor space in the Expo’s North Hall, DiversiTech, along with six of its acquired brands, highlighted several products, successfully capturing the attention of many Expo attendees. Eric Martini, product line manager for DiversiTech, was the resident professional on all of the company’s products, from new releases to previously released staples.


Master Care Coil Cleaners

Taking up colorful rows of shelf space were DiversiTech’s Coil Cleaners, which are currently being rebranded to fit under the Master Care brand. The Coil Cleaners come in Triple-D, Pro-Green, Pro-Blue, and Pro-Red Plus.

DiversiTech Coil Cleaners.

DiversiTech’s Coil Cleaners are currently being rebranded to fit under the Master Care brand. (Staff photo)

“One of the things that's nice about the rebrand is that it gives us the ability to focus on what contractors want and need in their core cleaning products,” said Martini.

On the front label, customers will be able to see the duty level of the product — light, medium, or heavy. They will also be able to determine whether the gallon is a universal coil cleaner, an outdoor coil cleaner, or an indoor coil cleaner. The label includes the specific focus of the product, what certifications it meets, and how much one gallon of the product will make.

Along with the rebrand, DiversiTech will also be releasing concentrated versions of the Coil Cleaners in March 2022. According to Martini, the one-quart product contains the same amount of cleaner as the gallon, but in a more compact size, which makes it convenient to store in contractors’ service vehicles. The concentrated quarts also have hash marks on the side of the bottle, which gives contractors the ability to accurately measure the amount of product used. The one-shot products, called Super Concentrate, come in an even smaller bottle and prevent contractors from ever having to mix anything in the container — Martini said they just have to pour it and go.

“The nice thing about this is you open the top, pour it into a gallon, fill it up with water, and you're good to go,” Martini said.


Asurity Line

Asurity, a DiversiTech brand of condensate management products, also had a few new products showcased at the Expo, one of which was the Dual Voltage Wet Switch Flood Detector (WS-2DV). Though the previous version of the product, the Wet Switch Flood Detector (WS-1), could detect even a couple drops of moisture and shut an HVAC system down to prevent flooding, the new WS-2DV offers the added ability of connecting alarm systems.

Asurity Dual Voltage Wet Switch Flood Detector.

Switch Flood Detector can detect the smallest amount of moisture and shut off an HVAC system to prevent flooding, as well as connect alarm systems. (Staff photo)

“If water is sensed, it'll send a message to alarm systems, the building maintenance company will let them know that a problem is happening, and they can interact with the system immediately to prevent any type of damage,” explained Martini.

Another innovation is Asurity’s ULTRACP-22 series condensate pump, which features a translucent tank. Martini said condensate pumps will often have a lot of microbial growth, and with a transparent tank, contractors will be saving a step by not needing to remove the PVC pipe and vinyl tubing — they’ll just take a look and run with it.

ULTRACP-22 Condensate Pump.

CONVENIENCE: The ULTRACP-22 series condensate pump features a translucent tank, which saves time for contractors on the job who need to check the pump for microbial growth. (Staff photo)

The brand also introduced condensate neutralizers, the CNM-BULK Neutralizing Media, which are designed to regulate the pH levels being generated in equipment like high-efficiency furnaces. If a condensate is being generated at a pH level of 3, the neutralizers will drop the pH down to neutral, which is a pH of 7. The neutralizers can be placed in two different wall-mounted cartridges: the CNHK-4K Horizontal Mount and the CNV-4K Vertical Mount.

CNM BULK Neutralizing Media.

NEUTRALIZERS: The CNM-BULK Neutralizing Media can be placed in either the CNHK-4K Horizontal Mount (left) or the CNV-4K Vertical Mount (right). (Staff photo)


Keep Your HVAC System Healthy

DiversiTech acquired the winner of the 2020 AHR Innovation Award in IAQ, Fresh-Aire UV, in March 2021. Aaron Engel, Fresh-Aire UV’s vice president of business development, said despite the excitement of winning the Innovation Award in the past, the energy of this year’s Expo was unmatched. Having the ability to get in front of industry leaders all at once within the span of three days was a blessing to have back, especially in-person, he said.

If there was one message to relay to the HVAC industry, Engel said it would be to maintain a healthy HVAC system. He said the topic of conversation nowadays is typically airborne treatment and surface disinfection, but if the HVAC system is a source of contamination, then these efforts are in vain — the contaminated system would contribute to poor air quality and potentially harm occupants in the space. The conversation needs to be brought back to the HVAC equipment itself; making sure the system stays clean and healthy before worrying about problems with the air, said Engel.

“We talk about being green and reducing your carbon footprint and how to become a good steward of the environment — but take care of the equipment itself and make sure it’s running as it should,” Engel said.