EVAPCO, Inc. has acquired CO2 refrigeration systems manufacturer, Systèmes LMP, Canada, forming a strategic alliance to pursue growing market demand for environmentally sustainable refrigeration systems using natural refrigerants.

With the acquisition, EVAPCO’s Refrigeration Division strengthens its chiefly ammonia-based industrial technology offerings through immediate expansion into — and synergy with — LMP’s CO2 expertise and product offerings.

“With the addition of Evapco LMP, EVAPCO is now perfectly positioned and uniquely qualified to be the leading manufacturer for a full spectrum of natural refrigeration systems and components — and this fits very well with the environmentally sustainable company culture we desire,” explained Bill Bartley, EVAPCO president and CEO.

According to Pat Strine, senior VP, EVAPCO refrigeration sales and marketing, CO2 technology is an ideal complement to EVAPCO’s existing NH3 (ammonia) business, especially considering CO2’s ideal suitability for light industrial or smaller commercial refrigeration systems, or retrofits to synthetic refrigerant-based systems.

“It’s a strategic win for both of us,” said Strine. “For EVAPCO, we now strengthen our natural refrigerant-based product portfolio to expand our reach into our existing markets such as food and beverage, and cold storage. And, we can grow into new markets like commercial retail.”

“We are excited to join forces with EVAPCO and leverage our respective strengths to provide technologically advanced CO2 solutions and first class customer service,” added Jeff Gingras, president of Evapco Systems LMP, ULC, the new business entity.

EVAPCO will operate the CO2 portion of its refrigeration business from LMP’s existing facility in Laval, Quebec. EVAPCO plans to invest significant R&D resources into LMP’s CO2 products and systems at its Maryland, U.S.A. research headquarters.