COLUMBUS, OHIO Heating, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) this month announced a partnership agreement with SPARXiQ that makes SPARXiQ an endorsed partner for point-of-sale data collection and business analytics. In partnering with SPARXiQ, HARDI will enhance its ability to service the analytics and market intelligence needs of its members.

The partnership helps HARDI continue to develop robust market-analysis tools that can be used by members to support their business decisions. Through this agreement, HARDI also aims to grow participation in its benchmarking programs, which will improve report accuracy on industry trends and forecasts. SPARXiQ will be able to work with organizations interested in improving internal performance through the business intelligence tools that they offer.

“The foresight of our market intelligence team and SPARXiQ to start exploring this partnership months ago is tremendous,” said Talbot Gee, HARDI CEO. “We know our members need better data, but reporting it can be a challenge and we know our industry needs better channel visibility that helps manufacturers but doesn’t threaten distributors’ relationships with their customers and SPARXiQ’s technology positions HARDI to solve both problems for our members.”

“SPARXiQ has been fortunate to work with many HARDI distributors and manufacturers over the last three decades to leverage analytics and increase profitability across pricing, sales, purchasing, operations, and expense management,” said David Bauders, the SPARXiQ CEO. “Recently, we have expanded our analytical solutions to provide channel point-of-sale data exchanges for industry associations to augment their existing benchmarking programs. We live in a data-driven world and are proud to partner with HARDI to accelerate adoption.”