Company: ITG Electronics

Product: Multi-line Low-voltage Dataline Filters

Description: Part of ITG Electronics’ F2779Y002L series, the new additions reliably filter both common and differential mode noise for low-current datalines and feature a robust design allowing for durable penetration for MRI rooms, shielded environments, and other areas where interference-free data transmission is mission-critical. The new series additions reduce noise by 100dB from 1MHz-10GHz, with a voltage rating of 120/250 V. One unit — with a single wall penetration — provides up to four channels of clean data transfer into and out of shielded rooms. The increase in channels, as well as easier mounting and terminal block connection, yields expedient, space-saving installation with fewer room penetrations and faster overall setup. In addition to datalines, the new F2779Y002L Series filters can be used for other low-power applications, including digital fire alarms and LED lighting.

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