WESTFIELD, MA  Mestek Canada, Inc., a manufacturer of specialty HVAC systems for industrial, commercial, and residential spaces, announced the acquisition of the Transom Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of high lift, low ambient heat pumps with domestic hot water capabilities, air- and water-cooled chillers, large capacity heat recovery, and make-up air units.

The Transom Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mestek Canada, Inc. and was established in 2016 by Johan Martensson in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

“Transom’s versatile offering of compressor-based products will enhance Mestek’s solutions-based approach to all market channels we serve," states Tim Markel, president of the Mestek Distributor Products Group. "The acquisition of Transom builds on our long history of engineering and manufacturing hydronic heating and cooling systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. With the addition of Mestek’s engineering and manufacturing expertise, Transom will be in a tremendous position for immediate growth."

Over the last 20 years, Mestek has committed themselves to investing in channel-specific companies that provide its customers with environmentally friendly solutions while keeping in concert with their core engineering and manufacturing strengths.

“The acquisition of Transom allows Mestek to instantly grow our already established air-to-water heat pump offerings and further solidify our dedication to decarbonization and electrification across North America," added Mark Harrington, executive vice president, Mestek Distributor Products Group. "The Transom team has over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of chillers and heat pumps, for commercial and industrial application such as mission critical, marine, rail, process control, general comfort heating and cooling. We are excited to grow together in this rapidly emerging market segment."

“I am thrilled for Transom to become part of the Mestek family of companies. Mestek’s market stature and resources gives us the platform needed for Transom’s products to reach the full market, as well as develop new products more efficiently with an improved speed to market," said Johan Martensson of Transom. "This acquisition will allow us to rapidly become a leader in the heat pump market throughout the United States and Canada." 

Mestek Canada, Inc. is a subsidiary of Mestek, Inc., a family-run company of over 46 specialty manufacturers serving many facets of the HVAC equipment and building envelope industries including HVAC, metal forming, architectural building envelopes, and intelligent equipment controls. The Distributor Products Group of Mestek centers its concentration on hydronic heating, including commercial boilers, water heaters and heat pumps, gasfired air side heating equipment, and specialty air conditioning markets.