Ottawa, ON | Montreal, QC | York, PA: Dehumidified Air Solutions — part of the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) division of Madison Industries and manufacturer of indoor pool dehumidifier brands Dectron, PoolPak, and Seresco — has teamed up with Rowdy Gaines, three-time Olympic gold medalist and the voice of Olympic swimming, to educate communities on IAQ for natatoriums (indoor pools).

Poor indoor air quality is detrimental to natatoriums and patrons. This is well-documented and the bane of competitive swimming and the indoor pool industry in general. Dehumidified Air Solutions typically works with owners, contractors, and engineers to create the optimal indoor pool environment. Now, with Gaines as 2022 IAQ spokesperson for Dectron, PoolPak, and Seresco, the company aims to ensure swimmers, coaches, parents, volunteers, and facility managers better understand the importance of good IAQ and how temperature and relative humidity play a critical role in human comfort levels.

“Together, we are educating the supporters behind the athletes or ‘the team behind the swim team’ as we like to refer to them,” said Gaines. “I’m thrilled to work alongside Dectron, PoolPak, and Seresco to share the IAQ message with these communities in which health, safety, and performance matter most.”

“There is no better person we could have teamed up with on this initiative. Rowdy is both well versed in IAQ and deeply connected to the communities that use indoor pools,” said Bob Phillips, vice president of sales for Dehumidified Air Solutions, Pools Division.

Ambrose "Rowdy" Gaines is a U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame member and member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Gaines set 10 world records between 1978-1984 and is currently a motivational speaker and NBC Olympic commentator. Gaines has been covering Olympic swimming since 1992.

The collaboration between Dehumidified Air Solutions and Gaines aligns with Madison Industries’ mission to make the world safer, healthier, and more productive.