The Home Energy Advisory and Fort Collins Winair organized an event for HVAC contractors under the support of Poudre Valley REA, the Larimer County Building Department, and the manufacturer partner of ductless equipment, Cooper and Hunter.

During the seminar, Tony Francone, energy resources specialist of Poudre Valley REA, went through the local rebates program. He provided support on how to minimize natural gas as well as how to reduce energy usage by using energy-efficient equipment. 

Juan Mancha, lead plans examiner of the Larimer County Building Department, explained what documents are needed for approval when applying for a permit to install ductless equipment. 

The main technical specialist of Cooper and Hunter, Konstantin, provided a four-hour seminar on installation and troubleshooting of outdoor units. During his seminar, he dissembled three different types of units to explain the internal mechanisms in real time.

The Chief of Larimer County Building Department, Eric Fried, and Denver Winair President, Dave McGee, completed the seminar with a discussion about the unbalanced requests between needs of the government and reality of the residents. Eric Fried closed the seminar with the words: “We don’t want to tell you what to do, we just want to set up a roadmap and you guys use your entrepreneurial skills to figure out how to get there.”

Despite the negative impact of fossil fuels on the planet, they have continued to play a dominant role in global energy systems. When fossil fuels are burned to create energy, they produce carbon dioxide (CO2), which is a large driver of global climate change. They are also a major contributor to local air pollution, which is estimated to be linked to millions of premature deaths each year.

The state of Colorado and local energy utility providers are working hard to support companies who increase the usage of energy efficient equipment.