Company: DriSteem

Product: RTS® humidifier RX series

Description: The RX series is a compact, cabinet-style resistive-to-steam humidifier. There are 21 models to choose from, with capacities up to 324 pounds/hour (147 kg/h). In addition, the standard single-stage solid state relay (SSR) control allows for a tight range of relative humidity control, keeping it within +/-1% RH. The RX series features removable front covers with quarter-turn latches that allow easy one-sided access to the tank and electrical connections, a large clean-out and heater plate for easy access when cleaning the tank, indoor and outdoor models, wide voltage ranges, and international approvals. DriSteem’s programmable smart drain and scale management technology adjusts drain intervals automatically based on water quality, removing precipitated minerals from the tank and utilizing skimming to remove foam and suspended minerals. The products feature matching space distribution units that disperse steam with no visible vapor trail (SDU-I-RX), making the RTS humidifier ideal for use in finished spaces. They incorporate a vapor-logic controller with an intuitive touch screen interface, start-up wizard for simplified setup, QR codes to access product manuals, color-coded alerts to reduce downtime and technical calls, contextual help link on every screen, and standard BACnet® connectivity.

Contact: 800-328-4447,, eProduct 185

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