NORDBORG, Denmark — Danfoss decided to build data centers that will be an example for future climate-friendly designs.

”Using the latest technologies for cooling and heat recovery, we transform data centers from energy consumers to sources of sustainable energy," said Jürgen Fischer, president, Danfoss Climate Solutions. "It is exciting to see that in action at our own data centers."

An example of this concept is Danfoss headquarters in Nordborg, Denmark. In 2015, it was heated 100 percent by fossil fuel. In 2022, it will be CO2 neutral. And, in 2024, reused excess heat from Danfoss data centers will provide 25 percent of the overall heat supply for the 250,000 square meter (2.69 million square feet) of factories and offices. 

“The data centers of the future will be hybrid data centers where we combine the best of two worlds: the cloud and the on-site data center,” said Danfoss Chief Information Officer Sune T. Baastrup. “And we utilize the excess heat in the energy grids close to where it is produced. We put words into action. We have managed to build our own climate-friendly data centers, effectively in less than half a year. We want to show that digital transformation and green transition go hand in hand.”

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