Beautiful, functional, sustainable. Those are the key points that Gina and Rodman Schley — who star in the PBS TV show Urban Conversion — want others to take away from their home, an old farmhouse in the suburbs of Denver that they have remodeled to be LEED Platinum certified.

The show focuses on the family’s foray into sustainability, including green energy, and the home remodel includes radiant heating and cooling by Viega. Radiant was appealing to the family because of its efficiency and health benefits. Plus, the farmhouse has peaked ceilings, so since radiant heats people and objects versus blowing warm air, they aren’t paying for heat that will end up in those peaks.

The radiant system in the house has multiple zones on each level. Everything is tied together in a mechanical room that the Schleys said is fun to show visitors because of all of the intricacies. The setup also includes a Viega hydronic mixing block, which consists of a pump, a four-way valve, and a programmable heating control. Radiant zones throughout the house make it easy to control each section according to use and location.

Throughout the 4,000-square-foot home, there are three different types of radiant installation. In the upper level of the house, radiant was installed with Climate Trak under the subfloor to preserve existing hardwood flooring, while the main floor uses Climate Panel. The old garage that was converted into living space uses embedded tubing in the concrete slab.

Greg DeSantis, director of Automatic Company LLC, performed the radiant installation at the Schley home and said it was the first time he’d combined all three types of installation methods in one project. Due to the flexibility of radiant, his team could use whichever worked best, depending on the location and existing structures in the home.