Company: SafeTraces Inc.

Product: veriDART™

Description: Designed as a diagnostic solution, this product safely assesses airborne pathogen risk in the built environment. It provides actionable insights for facility and environmental health and safety teams by identifying hot spots, assessing ventilation and filtration, and informing of necessary remediation for safe reopening. The product leverages airborne tracers that safely mimic the mobility of pathogens like COVID-19 droplets and aerosols to verify building safety as part of reoccupancy and ongoing environmental monitoring programs. Using a detailed test plan established with the customer’s facility team, qualified professionals release patented, safe airborne tracers for circulation throughout the building and air ducting over a predetermined period. Air samples are collected and tested, and a comprehensive diagnostic report, including heat map visualizations, is provided to the customer to plan air safety improvements. It provides ongoing risk assessments, either on a time- or condition-based schedule, in order to capture the indoor space’s changing risk profile and collect longitudinal data in support of healthy building programs.

Contact: 925-326-1200,,, eProduct 182


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