LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. — LG Business Solutions USA has launched an expansive library of Building Information Modeling (BIM) online resources to help industry professionals integrate advanced commercial display technologies into their building projects.

The library was developed through a new partnership with BIMsmith. According to Dan Smith, LG’s vice president of business development, the end-goal is to empower designers by simplifying and speeding the design process with LG and this new BIM library.

“Nearly all of today’s major building projects rely on advanced 3D computer design software,” Smith said. “By partnering with BIMsmith to launch the LG BIM library, we’re thinking about architects’ upstream design needs and enabling better results for designers and their end-user clients.”

The data-rich 3D models created through this partnership help designers design and specify spaces that leverage the capabilities of LG displays.

The digital models provide visual representations for 3D environments and key product data to help building professionals incorporate LG displays into their building designs, and they are built to integrate with Autodesk Revit.

In addition to being shared on LG’s website, the company’s BIM resources are also available on BIMsmith Market, where building professionals all around the globe can discover and download LG products to use in their commercial building designs.

“LG has a global reputation for innovative technology and design,” said Benjamin Glunz, CEO of BIMsmith. “By joining the BIMsmith platform, LG is helping architects specify appropriate state-of-the-art displays for their building designs.”

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