Company: Marley®, a brand of SPX Cooling Technologies Inc.

Product: MH Element™ Fluid Cooler

Description: The induced-draft, crossflow closed-circuit cooling tower is suitable for HVAC, industrial, and process cooling applications. Its hybrid operation and high-efficiency components allow the product to deliver increased thermal capacity with a smaller footprint and lower fan power. Compared to other units, the product provides 15 percent more thermal capacity, is 20 percent lighter weight per footprint, requires 35 percent less fluid volume, and uses 35 percent less fan power. Its high-performance copper coils offer seven times more thermal conductivity and can be drained, extending service life with its corrosion resistance. Additionally, copper coils have bacteriostatic properties and are recyclable with high salvage value. The unit combines cooling tower and heat exchanger functions into one system. The process fluid is contained in a clean, closed loop, protecting it from outside contamination. The fluid cooler’s hybrid design uses a combination of fill media and prime surface coils.

Contact: 913-664-7400,, eProduct 185

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