Company:  Ritchie Engineering Company Inc.

Product: YJACK™ Series

Description: These products include a temperature clamp, temperature strap, psychrometer (YJACK DEW™), and repeater/range extender (YJACK PATH™). All YJACK™ products complement the P51-870 TITAN® series of digital manifolds, or they can operate independently. They can communicate directly with any P51-870 TITAN®, a smart device, or both.  The user can measure system pressures and temperatures while monitoring the temperature, relative humidity, wet bulb, and dew point at the supply and return registers. The YJACK PATH™ allows for those measurements to be taken up to 2,400 feet away from the P51-870 TITAN® and smart device. The products are sold separately or in two kits.

Contact: 952-943-1333,, eProduct 181

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