LOS ANGELES — ServiceTitan has launched a COVID-19 Playbook for Contractors, an online resource to help contracting businesses continue to provide essential services during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

“Family businesses in the industry we serve are facing incredibly tough times,” said Vahe Kuzoyan, president and co-founder of ServiceTitan. “We knew we wanted to make a difference, and we quickly realized that some contractors have not just survived but are thriving in the face of COVID-19. We started connecting with those contractors, and many of them volunteered to share the best practices and leadership principles that have allowed them to adapt and succeed in challenging circumstances. The Playbook for Contractors is a living document. We’re continually compiling information and asking any contractors who benefit from it to share the tactics that are working for them.”

Some of the guidelines in ServiceTitan’s COVID-19 Playbook for Contractors include: 

  • Let your community know you’re open and taking steps to protect their health: Send a video announcement to customers, add a pop-up or banner announcement on your website, broadcast the message on all marketing channels, and reinforce the message in customer communications. 
  • Upgrade service experience: Offer a financing promotion with special rates, and consider including financing for service and repair work. 
  • Provide a contact-free experience: Offer customers a thumbs-up instead of a handshake and take advantage of technology for signatures and payments. Ask suppliers to deliver parts straight to the jobsite or technicians’ homes to reduce office stops. 
  • Take advantage of disaster-assistance programs: Consult legal and financial experts to discover what options are available in your city and state to help small businesses stay afloat and comply with new regulations. 

“The services that contractors provide aren’t luxuries,” Kuzoyan said. “Clean running water, electricity, protection from the heat and cold — these are life-support systems, and contractors are the first responders for them. Our experience shows that the contractors who are succeeding right now have made a conscious decision to continue meeting the needs of their communities. They’ve taken specific steps to respond to changing conditions, and we wanted to share what they’ve learned.”

To access ServiceTitan’s COVID-19 Playbook for Contractors, visit http://servicetitan.com/playbook.

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