Company: Motili

Product: Carbon Calculator

Description: This tool provides the ability to calculate carbon emissions associated with HVAC operations. The company’s intent is to give its clients — commercial and multifamily building owner and operators — access to information that will help them understand the true scale and impact of the carbon emissions they generate for indoor thermal comfort. It allows users to see five separate statistics. These include the energy cost savings per unit, cost savings for all units combined over the span of 10 years, the percentage of decrease in energy use, the kilograms of carbon equivalent emissions that can be saved per year, gallons of gas emissions equivalent, and the weight of the carbon savings in elephants. An ROI time is included to reflect the energy savings return versus the equipment and installation costs. Earlier this year, the company announced the availability of its Asset Condition Index (MACI) data tool. MACI allows the company to utilize information about clients’ HVAC assets (age, condition, SEER rating, and refrigerant type) to create a strategic plan to revamp HVAC systems over a period of time.

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