Company: Airex Manufacturing Inc.

Product: Airex Pro-System Kit™  

Description: This product is a 2-in-1 system used to seal HVAC refrigerant lines when penetrating through exterior walls from air leakage (Airex Titan Outlet™) and to protect insulation (Airex E-Flex Guard™) around the same refrigerant lines from outdoor weather and/or physical damage. The kit can be used on vertical building walls, rooftop applications such as parapet walls, and roof service stations. The wall outlet seal mechanically fastens to many exterior wall surfacings of vertical walls, while the wall sleeve secures and isolates the refrigerant lines that penetrate. The insulation protective cover is removable and reusable for equipment maintenance and mechanically connects to the wall sleeve with a stainless-steel clamp. This solution provides a system that combines a compression gasket seal with insulation protection for long-term, sustainable weather and physical damage protection.

Contact: 760-343-2277,, eProduct 184

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