Company: Noritz America

Product: NCC199CDV

Description: This product has a Uniform Energy Factor of 0.97 and a fully integrated exhaust non-return valve that speeds and simplifies common venting for up to six heaters without the need for additional accessories. The valve is built into the heater, providing assured operational safety to help reduce installation time and cost. The upgraded unit has a maximum input of 199,900 Btu per hour; a capacity range of 0.29 to 11.1 gallons per minute; water temperatures from 100°F to 185°F; and a thermal efficiency rating of 98 percent /0.97 UEF. It can also direct-vent, using either 2-inch or 3-inch PVC, CPVC, or rigid polypropylene materials. Vent lengths are 65 feet for 2-inch pipe, up from the previous 60 feet; and 150 feet (instead of 100 feet) for 3-inch pipe. The units can also be installed outdoors or on a rooftop with an optional vent cap. Up to 24 units can be linked together in a single system, using a multi-unit system controller, to meet the hot-water needs of high-volume commercial and industrial applications like restaurants, schools, assisted living facilities, breweries, hospitality, correctional facilities, and factories. The controller has multiple control options, including aqua-stat and timer pump controls, plus application settings for recirculation loops and supplemental storage tanks. Inputs can range from 18,000 to 4.8 million BTU/h (for a 24-unit multi-system), yielding up to a 266:1 turndown ratio. An optional quick-connect cable is available for connecting two units.

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