NEW YORK — On March 29, Gary Fields, president of AAON, received a call from the principal of the AAON sales representative office in New York City inquiring about the ability of AAON to build 2,200 tons of HVAC equipment for a temporary hospital to be built in the New York City. This 2,200 tons of equipment equates to the cooling capacity of what would be required for over 700 single family homes.

On March 31, an order was placed for forty-four 50 ton job-customized AAON HVAC units for the Stony Brook Temporary Hospital in Stony Brook, New York. AAON went into immediate 24-hour production of this equipment in order to ensure shipment of these critical units, to arrive in New York by April 7.

The first truckload of these units will depart from Tulsa the afternoon of April 2. The production line building these units at AAON is now completely full with these units. The balance of units will be shipped this weekend.

AAON was pleased to participate in this effort without any premium pricing for this urgent shipment.

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