Company: Fujitsu General America Inc.

Product: VRF DX-Kit

Description: This product enables installers of Fujitsu Airstage VRF systems to incorporate third-party air handling units and fan coils into a VRF system or connect them to a dedicated Fujitsu VRF outdoor unit as a 1:1 system. Various control strategies are available such as control by air discharge sensor or return air temperature sensor when connected to an air handling unit or fan coil unit. The system can also be controlled via Modbus interface for integration into a building management system. The product supports a wide range of capacity classes, from 18,000 to 168,000 Btu/h. Two EEV units can be connected in parallel for up to 168,000 Btu/h large capacity units. There are a variety of control options to match the application. Central control can be achieved using the Airstage VRF controllers or central management (BMS) controller. External, third-party controls can also be used. The system provides many inputs and outputs, and is connectable to Airstage VRF series J-IIIL, J-IIS, J-II, V-II and VR-II.

Contact: 888-888-3424,, eProduct 186

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