NEWTON, Mass. — The Portland Group, the family-owned, multi-generation plumbing, heating and air-conditioning company, announced that it is celebrating 90 years of business in 2020.

The Portland Group continues to be owned by two families, Fox and Rose.

“My great-grandfather and his friend started the company, and the families are still in business together today,” said Fox, who took over as the company’s CEO in 2019. Benjamin (Ben) Rose became the company’s third-generation president at the same time. “How many American companies can say that, even in New England?”

In 1930, Irving "Speed" Rose invited Benjamin Fox to help him expand his hardware store on Portland St. in Boston to launch the Portland Pipe & Fitting Company. The company grew in part by purchasing other businesses throughout New England. Its latest acquisition is Middlesex Supply, another family-owned business in Connecticut with three locations, which The Portland Group bought last year.

The watershed moment in The Portland Group’s history came when it opened its signature showroom, Splash, in Newton, Massachusetts. Catering to design professionals and retail customers, Splash, and its sister showrooms Spritzo in Worcester and Providence as well as Saco, Maine; Clinton, Connecticut; Middletown, Connecticut; and Vernon, Connecticut, are committed to providing the highest quality product and exceptional customer experience.

“The interactive showrooms allow customers to see and try different working fixtures firsthand,” said Fox. “It’s a much better experience than simply buying off the shelf.”

 "The showrooms feature fixtures at all price levels," said Ben Rose. “That’s part of our family values showing through – we cater to everyone’s budget, not just the high end."

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