Company: Viega LLC

Product: MegaPress® 316 FKM line

Description: This product line is suitable for use with hydronic applications, compressed air, industrial gases, and marine applications. The fittings can be used with off-the-shelf Schedule 10 to Schedule 40 stainless steel pipe to form a complete press system. They have an EPDM sealing element to provide permanent, leak-free connection. Offered in configurations including elbows, couplings, reducers, tees, reducing tees, threaded adapters, unions, caps, and flanges, the fittings range in sizes from ½-inch to 2 inches. The 420 stainless steel grip ring and a 304 stainless separator ring are part of the product in addition to the EPDM sealing element. The Smart Connect feature is available on this line and ensures leakage detection of liquids and/or gases from inside the system past the sealing element of an unpressed connection. It provides the installer a quick and easy identification of connections which have not been pressed prior to putting the system into operation. This system is approved for underground use and should have proper corrosion protection in accordance with local and national codes.

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