Company: Tjernlund Products Inc.

Product: XCHANGER™

Description: This product automatically and simultaneously rids basements or other areas of stale, musty, or smelly air and draws in fresh outside air. Available in two models. Model X2D is designed for mounting directly next to an outside wall and Model X2R can be connected to the outside intake/supply hood with 6-inch ducts so it can be installed in a different room than where the outside wall hood is located. Both models feature two reversible 90-cfm fans that can be positioned to move air in either direction. The user has three options: exhaust air from the interior, draw outside air into the home, or reverse one fan for balanced air exchange with no bypass from either airstream. In basement applications, the unit is normally installed through an opening in the rim joist between floor joists. Electrical cords are plugged into a control box that is plugged into a standard electrical outlet. The control senses the amount of humidity and automatically turns the unit on or off. Optional control methods for the Model X2D include a wireless switch, a plug-in timer or plug-in dehumidistat control. The X2R does not include a dehumidistat control, so it can be paired with the type of control that best fits the homeowner’s needs.

Contact: 800-255-4208,, eProduct 189

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