REDMOND, Wash. — The SEER Group LLC announced its twelfth acquisition, Coffman & Company, a heating & air conditioning company serving the Denver metro area.

“As owners of Coffman & Company for 28 years, we have always tried to operate the company with both our customers and employees’ best interests in mind,” said Pat and Judy Quinlan, the sellers in the transaction. “We did not want to sell to a large company that would come in and change everything, including our employees.”

Coffman & Company has been an award-winning, leading provider of primarily residential heating and air conditioning services since 1983.

“We talked to many people, but never found anyone that we felt met our values," said the Quinlans. "After some investigation, and meeting with the president of the company, we concluded that this was a company that shared our values. We are extremely happy to have turned over the company to this group, and we are confident it is going to be a positive for our employees and customers.”

“Pat and Judy have built a wonderful legacy of taking great care of their team members and their customers, and we are very proud to welcome the Coffman team to our family of companies as we continue to expand our footprint nationally,” said Darrin Erdahl, CEO and founder of The SEER Group LLC.

“The Coffman leadership group, that has been instrumental in maintaining the core values of the Coffman brand for years, will continue leading the team,” said Eric Beardemphl, president of The SEER Group LLC. “With the Coffman team’s talents and dedication, along with the combined synergies and support from our other partner companies, we are very excited about our long-term vision for the Denver market and surrounding areas.”

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