CLEVELAND, Ohio — Parker Hannifin Corporation is expanding its research and development capabilities in the field of advanced hollow fiber filter membranes at the Parker Filtration Innovation Center in Columbia, Tennessee.

The research is intended to improve the membrane technology for new applications within the food and beverage, life sciences, water purification and gas generation industries. Because the Innovation Center is dedicated to new product and process development, Parker Hannifin's Filtration Group can now dedicate focus and capital to improving and finding new uses for this cutting-edge membrane technology.

"The Parker Filtration Group's purpose is to protect and to purify for our customers' toughest applications with diverse solutions,” said Ryan Pastrana, director of the Innovation Center. “This is what drives us to continue to create new ways to use superior filter media and to develop new processes. This focus has helped us secure more than 500 U.S. patents and 1,200 global patents in filtration.”

The Innovation Center develops filtration technologies that can then be applied to multiple applications. By expanding research and development with the hollow fiber membrane platform, Parker Hannifin will innovate for key growth markets.

The 82,000 square-foot filtration innovation facility allows Parker Hannifin scientists to engineer new media and filter elements that are specific to a customer’s product design and filtration needs. Another advantage of the Innovation Center is the use of computer simulation and modeling to predict performance, as well as testing in harsh environments before products are used in real-world scenarios.

Construction on the pilot hollow fiber membrane line will begin in late January of 2020, and the expansion should be completed by the end of the year.

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