Company: Jobber

Product: Jobber with FleetSharp GPS

Description: Now integrating with FleetSharp GPS, this SaaS program allows its customers to further optimize field operations with live GPS tracking. With the scheduling map in the current system, customers can track the real-time location of vehicles equipped with FleetSharp’s SIM card-based vehicle trackers. FleetSharp’s vehicle trackers utilize vehicle SIM cards, providing true real-time location updates that don’t rely on smart devices. This lets managers know where their teams are without draining their crews’ phone batteries or intruding on their privacy. Continuous location sharing makes sure every part of the day is accounted for and billable. Through FleetSharp’s web management system and free mobile app for Android and iOS, users also have access to route replay, idle time tracking, driver behavior reports, geofencing, fuel mileage, and various alerts. Live GPS tracking is another tool, within the service’s platform, that home service businesses — such as electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians — can use to organize their operations and grow their businesses.

Contact: 888-721-1115,, eProduct 192

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