Company: Greenheck

Product: Model ECV-PM

Description: Transferring both sensible (heat) and latent (moisture) energy between the exhaust and supply airstreams without the airstreams mixing, this product separates the supply and exhaust air, ensuring only fresh air is introduced into the indoor space while providing superior heat transfer and moisture permeability. It features an AHRI 1060-certified polymer membrane energy recovery core manufactured from corrugated aluminum sheets used to separate the polymer membrane layers. The new polymer membrane energy core allows for low air-side pressure differentials, increasing ECV airflow capacity by 15 percent per housing size versus a fiber membrane. The polymer and aluminum material increases thermal effectiveness and allows for easy washable maintenance. Designed for indoor and outdoor mounting for commercial applications requiring 500 to 3,750 cfm of ventilation air and up to 1 inch wg, the product is ideal for office buildings, schools, hospitals, churches, dormitories, and nursing homes.

Contact: 715-359-6171,, eProduct 185

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