Company: Navien Inc.

Product: NFB-C Series

Description: Available in two sizes — NFB-301C (301 MBH) and NFB-399C (399 MBH) — each boiler uses the same in-house designed and manufactured patented heat exchanger technology that was introduced with the NFB series in 2018. The heat exchanger is form-pressed and robotic laser-welded to minimize the number of weak points that could be prone to thermal stress and corrosion. Oval-shaped tubes within the heat exchanger contain internal turbulators designed to improve both the heat transfer rate and the structural integrity of the assembly. A specific water flow is generated by baffles inside the heat exchanger to extract the maximum amount of heat from flue gasses, while the non-metallic base provides additional protection against corrosion caused by acidic condensate. This series has a 97.5 percent thermal efficiency and includes top and bottom piping connections for installation flexibility and an advanced 7-inch color touchscreen display with easy intuitive navigation for setup, troubleshooting, and operation. The built-in circuit board allows connections for a boiler pump and three zone pumps using dry contact relays. It also includes a domestic hot water priority zone. The product offers up to a 15:1 turndown ratio and extremely low NOx levels, certified by SCAQMD to meet the most stringent code requirements. Optional accessories allow each boiler to connect to building management systems through Modbus, BACnet, or LonWorks protocols. They are NaviLink Wi-Fi remote compatible, cascade capable up to 16 units, common venting capable up to four units, and are certified for high-altitude installations up to 10,100 feet.

Contact: 800-519-8794,, eProduct 183

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