SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Friedrich Air Conditioning Co., a U.S.-based manufacturer of heating, cooling, and other room air conditioning products, has donated heating and cooling solutions to San Antonio Zoo, to help provide essential relief for visitors, staff, and the animals.

Friedrich’s latest donation includes providing a Friedrich Floating Air Series Ductless Split System for Kiddie Park, which was recently relocated to San Antonio Zoo. The system will provide comfort for the families and kids who enjoy the park all season long. The company also contributed a Kühl A/C window unit for the Kiddie Park office building, to help increase the comfort of zoo employees while maintaining the architectural integrity of the facility.

Animals also are a direct beneficiary of the latest Friedrich A/C technologies. This fall, the company donated a VRP (Variable Refrigerant Packaged) heat pump system for the speckled brown bear enclosure. Earlier this summer, Friedrich donated ductless systems for a newly-constructed exhibit that hosted visiting koalas on loan from San Diego Zoo.

“Many of us have been part of the San Antonio community for a long time, and we take real pride in our involvement with this amazing organization that we enjoyed as kids, and now with our families,” said Holly Beck, Friedrich director of marketing. “It’s very gratifying to know our products are providing great relief and comfort to the animals and the zoo’s dedicated staff, as well as the thousands of visitors and families who love exploring the zoo each year.”

 “All of the projects we’ve done together with San Antonio Zoo shows off what Friedrich does best,” said Beck. “Our products are specifically designed to offer flexible and efficient room-by-room comfort to meet the unique needs of the space and its occupants — whether they are two- or four-legged.”

According to San Antonio zoo officials, the improved temperatures have other benefits, including the increased well-being and growth of the aquarium’s abundant corals, which are flourishing. Another bonus is the improved working conditions for staff, who are better able to concentrate on the care of the animals.

“Friedrich’s generous donations and contributions over the years have had a major, positive impact on the well-being of not only the animals, but our dedicated staff who care for them,” said Tim Morrow, president and CEO of San Antonio Zoo. “It’s also a welcome relief to the thousands of families who visit. We’re very thankful for the company’s strong support and long commitment to the zoo and the local community.”

From as far back as 1935, Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. and San Antonio Zoo have enjoyed a long partnership and history. Company founder Richard A. Friedrich was president of San Antonio Zoological Society for 27 years and helped get the zoo on the fast track with new habitats and fundraising. One of those new habitats was the Friedrich Aquarium, which opened to the public in 1948.

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