Company: FläktGroup® SEMCO™

Product: Elite Series

Description: Featuring a SEMCO 3A wheel, EC fans, foam panels, and BACnet capable controls, this energy recovery system uses the cold or hot air contained in the return air stream to precondition the outdoor air being brought into the building. According to the company, using this existing return air to treat the new incoming air reduces the amount of energy required to condition the space. Designed to comply with the ASHRAE 62.1 standard, which ensures the highest indoor air quality, the unit specifically complies with the required distance between outdoor and exhaust airstreams. It can be used to treat outdoor air for an existing conventional air handling system or as part of an integrated system, which provides total space air treatment. The product can also be connected directly to one unit or several in order to ensure that there is always at least some amount of controlled fresh air at all times. The company’s Unitary Wheel Cassette (UWC) is within the product and features true fluted media with laminar flow and a patented molecular-sieve desiccant that limits the transfer of exhaust air pollutants. Along with this desiccant, the preconditioner’s wheel includes a purge section designed to allow the strategic leakage of unconditioned outdoor air into the return airstream. This purge airflow, driven by system static pressures around the recovery wheel, flushes the contaminated air that is otherwise carried over to the supply air back into the contaminated airstream and exhausts it from the building. It is ideal for a number of applications including schools, offices, dormitories, nursing homes, and casinos.

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