GARDEN CITY, Kan. — In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, TATRO is participating in a breakfast for employees as well as touting the graduation of its most recent class of apprentices.  The company currently has 17 enrolled apprentices. National Apprenticeship Week is a nationwide celebration that gives businesses, communities, and educators the opportunity to showcase apprenticeship programs while providing valuable information to career seekers.  As of November 13, there are 871 registered events, which is now in its fifth year nationally.

“We are really proud of our recent apprentice graduates, and love that it coincides with National Apprentice Week this year,” said Justin Sanchez, president at TATRO.  “This program is a great opportunity for workers to get a formalized education and develop their career, while also earning a full-time salary the entire time, and TATRO really values its employees from this program.”

TATRO’s apprentice program is the a state registered program west of Wichita. The company partners with a local community college to provide the classroom hours required for the program over four years, at no cost to those enrolled in the program. Each year, the apprentices are employed full-time with TATRO, and attend class at the college as needed to meet the requirements. Once the program is complete, they have the opportunity to test for their Journeyman License. 

TATRO’s class of apprentices includes Roberto Aguilar, Jonathan Alvarez, Alfredo Benitez, Gilberto Gonzalez, Jonathan Guerrero, Juan Guzman,  DJ Harris, Giovanni Leyva, Daniel Martin, Brian Nicholson, Edgar Pardo, Carlos Ramos, Juan Rodriguez, Jaime Tena, Alberto Veyza, Javier Viramontes, and Zeke Zapata. They will finish their apprenticeships and graduate in 2020. 

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