GREEN BAY, Wis. — Andrew Fabry, Sam Yanda, and Mike Servi were just three guys with a dream when in 2013 they opened Badger State Brewing Company in a storied neighborhood in Wisconsin.

Working out of part of a building built in the 1960’s on Lombardi Avenue, they launched their craft brewery in what was then the blossoming “Stadium District” near Lambeau Field, the home of the Green Bay Packers.

Now, after several awards, and six winning seasons (that includes expanding the brewery in 2014, 2016, and again in 2018), Badger State Brewing Company features a Tap Room, Beer Garden, and 10,000 square feet of brewing space that houses a new 30-barrel brewing system, as well as an event hall that can host up to 500 visitors.

With an eye toward continued expansion and growth, and a commitment to be even “greener,” the company, working with Matthew Whitaker of Fluid Handling Inc., recently added a Miura LX-100SG Steam Boiler to build out its processing capabilities, while reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions.

“The Miura boiler gives us the scalability we need to continue making strides in the craft brewing industry,” noted Mr. Fabry. “The actual boiler is a very impressive, compactly-designed piece of equipment that provides full steam in five minutes from a cold start (on-demand steam).”

“Now, we can turn the boiler off at the end of the day, and know that when we arrive the next morning, we’ll have the steam we need in minutes,” he said. “Plus, we’ll burn less fuel, have fewer emissions, use less water, and conserve natural resources.”

In selecting Miura as their boiler, Fabry pointed that in his business, there are companies who offer to set up entire breweries, but that’s not in keeping with Badger State Brewing Company’s philosophy.

“These days, groups want to offer you a packaged one-stop-shop deal,” added Fabry, “But that's not necessarily the best option, especially when it comes to choosing the best products, and the best partnerships. For our boiler, we wanted the very best product we could find for our particular requirements, and Matt certainly delivered the goods with Miura.”

“Miura goes one better with their unique lighter weight boiler design, accessibility to gauges, and advanced safety monitoring and control features; making boiler installation, operation, and routine maintenance safer day-to-day,” said Whitaker.

Fabry can’t help but be impressed with his Miura boiler, but he is equally impressed with Whitaker and the folks at Fluid Handling.

Fluid Handling has made the process of buying a Miura boiler easy for Badger State Brewing Company. But what really sets them apart, according the Fabry, is their response time when answering a question or providing support.

“Steam is really what starts the process for us in brewing,” added Fabry. “That's why I think you need to have a good vendor to work with, and we're very fortunate to have found that with Matt and Fluid Handling.  They are always there when you need them. Plus, Matt’s got a fantastic team; specifically the two guys who work under him that have helped us out immensely, including educating our staff, which is huge.”

Among the many advantages of Miura boilers, and another important reason for it becoming a favorite in the brewery industry is ease-of-operation, a benefit that adds to the boiler’s appeal.

“With the Miura LX boiler, shutdown is basically two valves and a button,” noted Whitaker. “It’s that simple and almost anybody can shut it down or start it up. Customers really appreciate that, especially those in the brewery industry who aren’t typically trained as boiler operators.”

This advantage has been echoed by other brewers, who also agree that because Miura boilers start up so quickly and shut down so easily there’s no question about the efficiency and the savings on fuel and water. One brewer suggested that his fuel cost savings approached 20 percent.

Content provided by Miura.

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