Company: Unico Inc.

Product: Unico System M1218

Description: Delivering 1 to 1.5 tons of nominal cooling, this formerly single packaged unit is now a separate module. This separation makes the small unit adaptable for installation in tight spaces. The unit consists of various modules that are easily latched together. The modules can be arranged in vertical-up-flow, vertical-counter-flow, and horizontal-flow configurations. They can be combined as heating-only, cooling-only, or heating and cooling. The redesign joins other contractor-centric programs recently launched by Unico, including a UniConcierge dedicated internal team for assisting HVAC contractors, and the Text-A-Tech — 314-222-2487 — feature to provide technicians in the field with real-time answers and installation advice via their smartphones. Additionally, Unico engineers have added a second, double vapor barrier to Unico supply ducts and sound attenuating tubing, with insulation factors of R6 and R8 to help contractors comply with ever tightening insulation codes.

Contact: 800-527-0896,, eProduct 184

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